Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tuesday wanderings through cyberspace, when not able to sleep

Sometimes I have difficulty sleeping, often waking up between 4.30 and 5.00am.  Rather than disturb Tim, I tend to go off and watch the news, paint a little or read.  My guiltiest pleasure though is to trawl through the internet for oddities and interesting nuggets.  This is one such nugget.

CGI can manage to create amazing things on film but it is missing something; there is a creativity in animation that is limited by its methods.  Old fashioned stop motion animation can create an enchantment all of its own.
However it is, and always will be, the story that counts.



  1. Oh I can't see your pictures !
    I am usually awake at four am. I go to get a drink , stroke Frankie who of the three cats has come in by then & sometimes make a cuppa & check my blog & emails

  2. I love this stuff! Great way to pass the sleepless hours. Have been there way too many times myself. Thanks for checking in Charlotte. Also, I thought I had linked you up to mine, but it somehow got past me. Doing that right now!