Tuesday, 5 July 2011

stone five

Six o'clock sunshine, warming ground, leaves, grass.  Curled up, nose to tail, the russet red vixen stirs; sharp ears detecting the click of a window frame.  The alien sound alerting her to intruders on her moments of safe repose.  She stares, not nervous yet, but aware.  Then with a dismissive shrug she tucks back her nose under her fur blanket, considering us no more than an irritation.


  1. I have so many foxes coming through our property - "yours" looks young and healthy.

  2. We lost most of the older generation to sarcoptic mange this year. I had to take a young vixens corpse to our local vet for disposal and he said it was the worst year he had seen in his career.

    Our next door neighbours and we feed them pet food dosed with a herbal rememdy that helps control it.
    but it is hard to help a wild animal.