Friday, 22 July 2011


I share my home with a light, hidden under a bushel!  My husband Tim is a man with skill, talent and creative urges.  He is a fabulous photographer, his blurb book having been featured on a previous posting; he is a talented teacher (which often saps his energy and eats up his time) but he also has another talent.

We are lucky, here in Sherwood, to be surrounded by a fantastically artistic community of people, Guy Routledge being one of them.  Guy runs a pottery studio that he opens to people who want to learn; Tim has been going here for some years now and has been learning and honing his skills with clay and glaze.  This week he brought home his latest work.

He has been creating bowls and firing them using the Raku technique.  Our house smells of wood smoke, which reminds us all of Finland.

He also created a stack of three lovely bowls, with a duck-egg blue glaze, and a cream, crackle glazed bowl with the smoothest surface; it is like touching silk.

So, in the gentle sunshine of this morning, I sneaked outside with his work and took these photographs.  

Aren't they beautiful?

I am not good with clay and am in awe of his ability to shape and mould a material I cannot work well myself. I am so proud of him, he needs to stop hiding his light under that bushel.

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