Sunday, 10 July 2011

Conforming to stereotypes in defiance of academics

Apologies for the "pseuds corner" title but I recently read an academics analysis of the world of blogging.  According to this erudite observer of human behaviour,  blogs are dominated by women who make crafted tat, their blogs are predominantly pink and they treat their cats as children.  This may or may not be true (and is not the reason for changing my background colour...honest).

I did have a bit of a chuckle when I realised that I was a conformer to this stereotype at a superficial level.
I don't consider what I do as tat, clutter maybe, but not tat; I also suspect that the net contribution to the domestic economy and enterprise of the UK of this "tat" is probably considerable.  Not to mention the number of subsidiary farming and cottage industries that are sustaining rural economies and allowing some people to work where they live.

On the subject of pink: I will bow to his observational skills, however I do know that there is a reason dull pink is often used as a background matt.  It is a neutral tone that is often used in art galleries and museums; the walls of these institutions are usually in a range of pale dove greys, through pinks to olive greens.  As a colour it doesn't detract from or conflict with the foreground focus.

As to cats as children!  I have two perfectly good children of my own and no need of treating my cat as a child; I neither dress him in clothes that are not cool or embarrass him in public.  I don't go out with him and sing to his friends or ask them inane and silly questions.  I don't insist that he go to bed at a suitable hour or complain that the TV he watches is rotting his brain.  He is an animal, he has his own personality and habits and chooses to live with us until evolution grants him opposable thumbs, then he will no longer need the walking tin opener and exit provider.

On that final note I will leave you with a picture Chi Chi (Cheech for short) as I do feel I should conform to stereotypes.


  1. I've just viewed Chi Chi full screen,he's beautiful,very panther like.I'm sure most cats are very happy to be cats and of course they don't spend time compiling statistics and analyzing themselves.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Well..... it's sounds as though whoever wrote the piece you're sharing with us has read my blog. Oh dear... I am currently using pink because it blends well with the rug I hooked and designed that I use as a header. And... I'm one of the tens of thousands of people who own cats. What the writer failed to mention (I'm assuming) is the world-wide connections being made because of blogging. And you're so right about the cottage industries popping up due to the creativity and smarts by all these talented female bloggers. I'm amazed at the fabulous work I find all the time on blogs and blogger's Etsy sites. There's no telling how much $$ has been pumped into the world economy because of bloggers. Oh well.... I must stop here as my kitty, Iris, is calling me to read her a story.....

  3. Thank you Dulcy. Do make sure you tuck her into her pink pyjama's, that you lovingly crafted on your vintage sewing machine, before feeding her titbits to tempt her to eat. (wry wink and smile! if your Iris is anything like my Chi Chi you would get your hand torn to shreds for even trying such indignity.)

    I get really cross with academics, who think that observation at a superficial level is sufficient for a thesis. I have several blogging friends who scrape the bare minimum wage with the art they make. Sometimes ivory towers need pulling down.