Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Very proud indeed

I am exceptionally proud of my husband, Tim.  He often hides his light under a bushel, not letting on to many how talented he is.

Over the last few years he has been using Blurb to make up our family album.  They are private and personal to us.  However he has finally published a book of his landscape photography.


The front cover features the picture that set him on his photographic odyssey.  The following is my favourite in the book.
Click on the Blurb link, the page has a preview book that will let you see all the pictures, in their full glory.  The boy done good!


  1. They are simply lovely! (We share similar penchants for big fields and tree formations on horizons).

  2. Thanks Gretel, he is talented, not aware of how talented, but very self critical.

    He had a boost this evening as someone has bought a copy of the book from the Blurb website.
    I am really proud of him.

  3. this is wonderful, the photos have a zen like feeling to them that are quite soothing to see.