Wednesday, 15 June 2011

chewing the bite, it's not so much after all.

Sadly I don't have any pictures yet, but today we turned the design into a reality.  Never have I seen so many kids enjoying the squidge, slip and soapiness of cellulose glue.  We got our hands stuck in, using recycled computer paper torn into strips and all our old boxes and bottles.  Now we have upper head, lower jaw;  4 sections for the neck; two sections for the body, two front legs (upper and lower) two back legs (upper and lower) and four sections for the tail.  The sections are now drying in our open area: they will need 24 hours to harden then we will paint each section of the dinosaur.

Our puppet still presents some problems, the children will need to suggest ways to join each section and how to attach the rods.  I love this kind of problem solving, they really get stuck in and come up with great ideas.
We have discovered that if we work as a team we can create amazing things and (perhaps more importantly) that art takes time, patience and the adjustment of ideas when you can't make it work the way you planned.

Hope to have a picture at the beginning of next week.

I will leave you with one of our favourite school songs; chosen by the children 


  1. wonderful song
    love that you are all enjoying step after step on this project

    thank you for your messages, I responded in the comments....

  2. I have just read them, one of the things I have loved about blogging is these conversations with like minded people; people I would not meet in other circumstances.