Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A mystery, a puzzlement and a wondrous prize

At the edge of the ocean where the selkies lie, kissed by moonbeams, there lived an artist.  Now this artist was a weaver of tales; each decorated with dragons and cats, foxes and seals all bound together in the spell of the story. 

Around the her neck, held fast by a coiling chain, this lady kept a bottle.  Ahh my child, what could be in that bottle?  It was small and jewelled with a single crimson stone;  it was pricked and pierced with a delicate pattern made by tiny fingers.  Often she was asked what this vessel contained. Always she replied (with a smile shimmering around her eyes) with a different thing each time:  kisses, or mist, and other suggestions each like thistledown, fine and flyaway.

The secret of this vessel was even more wondrous than any spoken explanation she gave; for in that tiny bottle the artist kept stories;  each gossamer thread ready for the weaving, each rainbow colour ready for the binding;  each one a precious seed to be sown into ears ready to hear and eyes ready to see.  Child, that bottle contains something beyond treasure and price.


  1. Oh just wonderful Charlotte, I could read/listen to your stories any day. Thank you :-)

  2. Thank you, it is for Jackie Morris' competition on her blog, do go there via the link. She is a superb artist and teller of fantastic tales.

  3. Mmmmmmmm..... beautiful. Thank you.