Saturday, 11 June 2011

morning music

I am up at the most ridiculous hour for a Saturday morning:  The sun is through the window and the songs filtered in through the cracks. However I am laggardly, slug-a-bed, for I am the late comer for the second encore.  So even though I have been awake since six o'clock I am the ticket holder who has sneaked into the concert, at the back.
We are lucky, because of the park and the gardens where we live, there are so many different birds. The morning symphony starts at four; don't be late.  If you can't make the first there is a second performance at five thirty.

So here I sit, listening to something rather like this. Wondering what to do today.

A little painting, a little music, a lot of playing with some wonderful children:  Anyone for Dr Who, bags I am River Song!

I will leave you with another piece of music, more 'modern' this time. From the wonderful Telling The Bees.

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  1. I was up at three am then four am on Saturday morning. Next thing I knew it was nine o' clock & hubby asking what time Joe was being picked up for camp..... 9.20 !!!! Action Sations !