Monday, 13 June 2011

Biting off more than I can chew

Sometimes I have an idea, which grows and grows and grows...until it gets massively out of control.
  Thanks to the bbc
I love this (and the other Royal de Luxe and la Machina) puppets.

I have long wanted to make something big with the children in my class (not by sticking them together, I promise).  Today we planned out each section of a giant puppet, each section will be taken on by a small group.  At the end of the week we will join it all together and add rods (to manipulate it) then present it to the school.  It is currently planned to be 5 metres long: Watch this space I will post the photos of the finished piece; either that or a photo of a teacher, huddled under the table, sobbing and covered in paper mache.


  1. this sounds like a wonderful project
    the sort that makes memories, creates talent and is fun.

    once i figure out my little wildflower bud (that was captured in a forest, not sure of the soil type, I will let you know if you were right), thank you for your visit.

  2. thank you, the project grows apace: We have gone from life size paper plan to the skeleton of the beast. He is made of old boxes: computer, fruit and shoe; old plastic juice bottles and recycled computer paper.
    We laid him out in his sections and he is looking ok. Tomorrow we Paper Mache each piece, ready to be painted on Friday. The team work is fantastic.

  3. Sounds amazing - good for you to take on such an ambitious project - this is the kind of teaching our kids need!

  4. Will post photos as soon as it is finished.

  5. This sounds like an absolutely fantastic project. Looking forward to following its progress.

  6. Ooh sounds great, good luck with it! Looking forward to seeing the pics.