Saturday, 28 May 2011

poetry and presents

Standing alone and aloof,

ribbon ears streaming back in the breeze.
A twitch, a nostril flares,
head up with brown eyes alert.
Up, side, forward, side-graceful
leaps and bounds.
Angled against the oncoming threat.

I am not one of lifes natural poets; however I needed a poem to show the children at school the use of description to create an image, so I wrote my own.  Like many people I have a love for hares; I find them graceful, fascinating and beautiful.  We are very lucky here in Nottinghamshire as it is an ideal place to see them, large flat fields, hedges for cover. 

And this was the present: my husband knows I have a thing about tall ships and bucaneers. This little man arrived in the post this morning.
I have another pirate project in the offing as well....


  1. The painting and poem of the hare are just perfect!

  2. Thank you kindly, I'm not known for being good with words usually.

  3. Lovely, both words and picture. What is it about Hares? they have such magic around their long long ears. Wonderful creatures! I love the delicate line and bold wash. And the Lego Jack Sparrow made me smile too - just the other day I put that very figure on my son's birthday cake. He adores Lego and pirates :-)

  4. Thank you James; my 6 year old has promised to help me save up for the pirate ship (he will help me build it, if I get stuck).

    I have a wonderful story about pirates, written by my new to English Literacy group. I want to illustrate it for them over the holiday as a leaving present for them.