Friday, 13 May 2011

Pandora's box

I realised that the last Chest of Delights post was anything but delightful.  The life of a teacher is one long rollercoaster ride: full of exhilarating highs and swooping lows; all taken at breakneck speed.  SATs week is both.  I posted on a day where we all hit the lowpoint of the week, sadly too early. 

According to friends, I have many soapboxes and one day will probably fall off one of them.

So to make it up I thought I would look at the sheer joy of being educated into something I never dreamed I would be capable of.

The Textile Workshop had been open for some time, offering courses in everything from quilting to pattern design.  They also offered Felting, taught by a dear friend; I had a spare evening, a need for something to give me a creative outlet and the desire to mix with new people.  Over the course of the next 20 weeks I had the best learning experience. 

I had no idea I it was possible to produce such a range of fabrics, objects and finishes.  I was taught to wet felt, use resists, felt to form, and to needle felt (which I promptly fell in love with).
Firstly the exam piece

This was the submission for my exam and was inspired by a pair of very special mugs from Finland, designed by the wonderful Klaus Haapeniemi
This led to me wanting to make more things like this, so I made the small hare picture, the one at the top. 

With confidence building, I had a go at making hats and started to embellish them with needle felted flowers and other things

Then the came the summer holidays: as we are wont to do, we took off for Finland.   We spend our summers there, with my husbands family.  Whilst there we took several day trips into town (Helsinki) with our boys and their cousins,  one of which trips would provide the inspiration for me to try my hand at something new...

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