Sunday, 22 May 2011

not looking up, not looking down but looking all around!

I often moan about living in Nottingham, it is frequently dirty and sometimes unloved; it is too far from the sea and it has a terrible reputation.  And yet it is a city full of the most amazing suprises, a vibrant theatre and music culture and a superb set of art galleries.  It is also the master of the hidden (and some not so hidden) green spaces. Sometimes you get to find the most amazing things in the oddest of places

We have Wollaton Park, the Elizabethan hunting lodge, built in the 1550's by Sir Francis Willoughby;  today the house is a natural history museum with a large deer park and industrial museum in the grounds.  It is a lovely place and if you are quiet you get to see some very special sights.

Less well known are the other wildlife and country parks in the City and surrounding areas.  After a picnic at Wollaton we explored a new one (for us):  Broxtowe Country Park

The park is encircled by several housing estates, the main road from Bilborough to the motorway and sundry suburban buildings.  It is huge, a range of shrubs, meadow like grassland, deciduous trees and a small wash-brook. 
Whilst the boys collected sticks, hid in long grass, ran in and out of woodland and rolled in the mud; we walked, wandered and marvelled at this wild area.

There were shades of pink, blue and green.  There were flashes of yellow and the sounds of laughter.

 And when that all got too much there was this...

I hope you enjoyed this quick look around some of Nottinghams hidden gems.  I have more for you in the future, if you are ever this way and like to walk in peace, solitude and enchanted places I will happily share some of ours with you.


  1. Lovely nature photos Charlotte. It looks like you live in a very nice part of Nottingham. The deer park is especially wonderful!
    Hidden gems are precious and wonderful to find.

    Thank you for visiting my place. It is lovely to meet you and I'm now following your blog!

    Best wishes,

  2. Charlotte thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting! It is so lovely to get feedback :) - and I see you are a fellow Nottingham resident!! I have been here 6 years and it has taken me a long time to settle - I am originaly from just east of edinburgh - a small town that was only 15 minutes from the sea at most and lots of countryside so it was a difficult move for me. But one of my favourite places is Wollaton Park! Thank you for sharing these photos and reminding me that I must go there more often!