Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hairballs and Hayfever and unfinished birds


It is at this time of year that I usually look at my best, red eyes, snotty nose, constantly jerking head waiting for that sneeze. But this year I haven't been too bad...unlike the cat, who must have a 40 a day habit from the amount of coughing and wheezing and hacking going on. 

However I do still have some hayfever, and very annoying it is too, so I am not finding much inclination to do very much.  I have half finished projects around the house, there is an owl in the upstairs study, naked from the neck down.  There is a crow on a log downstairs, he is now hiding behind the tv until I can get round to giving him some feathers.

But I have managed to finally complete and frame a painting.  This one has sat on the easel for at least 18 months,  so one of my quicker pieces then (no wonder I couldn't make my living this way).

The pictures are not ideal as the glass is reflective and they hang near a southeastern window.
I also framed up a small sketch, the legs are all wrong but I am fond of this one (it is not often that I like my work so this is a novel feeling).

When the sneezles stop and the cat stops hacking, hopefully motivation will return and I will finish off some of the WIP's cluttering up the house.


  1. Yes all sneezing here - colds x hay fever x new smellies to make the house fragrant !!! Can't win whtever we do !

    I love the foxes but do not want any real ones visiting my 'girls' !

  2. Thanks Penny, I know what you mean about foxes, I love seeing them but do know what carnage the can create in a hen house.

    Also apologies to you and all my other commenters,I have been replying to e-mailed comments, only to realise they don't go to you all but to the great aether!!! and me a teacher as well.

  3. fabulous to meet you and your magically wonderful arts! I love the bird.... and more piece, just wonderful.