Sunday, 8 May 2011


Life is full of dilemmas, sometimes fixable, sometimes not.  Before I set up this blog, I spent quite a long time trying to decide whether I should or not.  Would anyone really be interested in what I have to say; does anyone really want to look at the stuff I make; what is it I am trying to do? However, I am guilty of overthinking things  so I gave myself a shake and plunged in.

     So what of the dilemmas?  Firstly, how to let people know I am here!  How do bloggers interest people into looking at what they have to show?  It seems a bit rude to beg, or to e-mail people and suggest they come over and look. 

Nevertheless I still need to trumpet my arrival in I contacted the lovely Gretel (she is one of the inspirations for showing my work; I aspire to her creativity and professionalism).  I also, somewhat jokingly put out a begging letter on facebook.  I only have a very small number of friends on there as I am not cyber-social at all.  So how do you get people to read you?

Once I had started pondering dilemmas I began to think what I really want this blog to to be about. 

I do want to showcase my felting;  I do this in isolation and find that the critical eye of others is lacking, because of this I make mistakes and get too close to the work to view it objectively.  The same holds true of my paintings.  I tend to keep them private as I am rarely happy with the end product; the pictures in my mind's eye do not tend to translate through my fingers and brush.  Am I the only person who doesn't actually like their own painting style?  Anyway,I do want to use the blog to find out what people think of my work, to garner suggestions for improvement and to act as a virtual studio space shared with others.
Work in progress.

Thoughts, being what they are, tend to lead into sidetracks; I got to thinking about another dilemma: that of living in the city.  I am a semi-rural girl at heart (semi-rural because I have spent most of my life in suburban England but always longed for the country).  I have a need for greenery, trees, wildlife and peace.  And yet I live on the edge of Nottingham, one of the more deprived and poor cities in the UK.  I am lucky enough to have a wonderful, if unkempt, garden, that is almost adjacent to a huge park.  We are visited by foxes, hedgehogs, tawny owls, sparrowhawks, goldfinches and more.  We attract insects and spiders, butterflies and beetles; the pipistrelle bat circles the house each dusk on his nightly round up of fat bodied, grey winged moths. 

I love the area I live in but still  a part of me would like to live further out, in a smaller community, away from the grime and the mess, the traffic and the sounds, the smells of diesel and landfill.  But then I think about the friends we have in just such a community; they are reliant on their cars, they have not got a local shop any more, so have to drive to the neares big town to shop.  They would have to walk miles for just the bare necessities.

Here, in my little bit of the world, I have green grocers, butchers (the old fashioned sort with proper wooden blocks, eggs with the feathers still stuck to them, sausages in strings); we have a superb delicattesen, who source local cheeses and stock wonderful olives.  I shop on foot, walking out with my bags over my shoulders.  Not only that I live close enough to the place where I work to be able to walk there in half an hour.

Not so for my children though, they go to a school where the catchment is so wide, most of their friends live a car journey away.  The roads are too fast and unsafe for them to be able to go out by themselves; they are not yet old enough to even go up to the park on their own.  None of the freedoms I took for granted as a child are there for them.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this blog.  I actually do not mind if only a few people find me, although the more the merrier if you want to know me better.  I want my blog to be like my sketchbook: eclectic, full of my thoughts, the things that interest me, what I am working on, the problem solving going on in my head.

 I plan to post things I have made, thoughts I have had, successes and failures, your thoughts are welcome and I look forward to sharing with those of a like mind. 


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  2. I think your owl and pussy cat are marvelous.
    They look as if they are ready for a journey, but still do not know what wonders will come their way!

  3. A very thoughtful post that I enjoyed reading. You will find that the more blogs you visit, quite often the more people will find you. What I have seen I think you are on the right track. The most important thing though is to do it for YOU. :-)

    Sounds like you get a lovely lot of wildlife. I have often have the rural vs not so rural dilemma at times, especially as I lived in the country on 25 acres. However, I am quite happy now as I can see the benefits of living close to the shops etc... I too can walk to them, my boys can walk to school, the elder has lots of local friends and activities he is involved in. It was much harder for me as a teenager in the country.

  4. Hi Charlotte
    I'm so glad you stumbled by my blog today to read about why I blog ! You will gradually find your way... I jumped for joy when I received my my first comment ! Keep looking through other Blogs which interest you & leaving comments & you will get return visits and it will grow from there.
    I'd love to know how you found my blog.

    Have fun & don't get stressed - it's YOUR blog so do what feels right for you !

  5. Hi Charlotte,
    I found you through your comment on Bad Penny's blog. The more you visit blogs and leave comments, the more you will get known. I've made some wonderful friends through blogging.
    I'm impressed with your owls, they look lifesize.
    How lovely to have a garden that's a haven for wildlife.

  6. I can only echo the others, the more you jump in with other blogs, as you are already, the more you'll get out there (I have been blogging for 6 years, and sometimes think I know too many people!) Also, I'm very happy to be friends with you on facebook if you look me up - Gretel Parker - my profile pic is the same as my blog profile pic. I'm friends with a lot of like minded bloggers who will love your work and blog,so it's one other way to get around. :)