Saturday, 7 May 2011

A bit new to all this ...

Having finally decided to take the plunge into the web I am now feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland.  Which is a rather weak link to show you all my latest work, Alice and the Flamingo.
She currently has a place in the Textile Workshop window (our fabulous local centre for needle based crafts here in Sherwood, Nottingham).

My main reason for blogging is to share the things that I make with anyone interested...assuming you might be...and to have someone to tell about the small things that delight me each day. 

I love children's stories and tend to use them as my starting point when felting, the owl and the pussycat were my exam piece for the advanced felting course last year.

Anyway this is me, I will try not to be too boring.

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  1. these are delightful & I'm sure you are going to find lots of bloggers with lots in common !