Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Alone on my desert Island

Nary a comment on the last post, it must be my taste in music.  I shall be all alone on my desert island, listening to Martha and the Muffins and thinking ironic thoughts...

I made any number of mixtapes when I was a teenager (taping off the top 40... followed by taping off John Peel, I got 'cooler').  Now we have itunes and youtube... I don't use the former but do use the latter.

So here is another favourite

Still on the theme of Desert Island Discs I got to thinking about the book and luxury; luxury is easy.  I would need an unlimited supply of paper and coloured pencils/paint.  But book?  This is even worse than trying to find 8 pieces of music.
I can't decide between Middlemarch; The Woodlanders or Inkheart; 100 years of solitude, The Gruffalo's Child or anything by Terry Pratchett. 

What about you?

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  1. I enjoy Jesca Hoop and have never heard this song, thank you, I enjoyed it!